September 2020


If you're a company with drastically reduced income and can exit your lease, you're in a fortunate position. More on that in a moment.  

For everyone else, many companies with unused desks and meeting rooms will look to share their excess space to bring in additional revenue both during and after COVID-19. This will likely happen somewhere near you, offered by companies from all industries and even by landlords themselves, desperate to generate income. 


If you are in this situation you have a few options. First, you can market the space locally or online. You may be successful in this and find that ideal, fuss-free, long term partner. But with everyone doing the same thing, battling with highly organised flexible workspaces that already have everything a worker might need, this is going to be a tough assignment. 

You'll need to organise billing, legal agreements and other delights you haven't considered yet. You'll need to think about the security of your IT network, both for you and your prospective guests, and you'll want to list your meeting rooms and desks on many of the various online aggregators out there right now. 


How will your reception work? How will a company use your address, or indeed how can you attract people to use it? How will they access the premises, and what happens when you no longer want them to?

We have this expertise, and want to offer travel and tourism companies the ability to advertise their spaces with minimal fuss under a new brand. It will work in conjunction with your own efforts to sell your space. 

We're currently seeking interest in this project. Contact Us for to discuss further.




"When we first started (ASX:JAY), I didn't even know what a startup was. I didn't know lean practice, I didn't know agile, I didn't know how to raise capital, how to value a company, how to build a team, how to retain them and motivate them and make them shareholders and empower them to do amazing things.


I didn't even know that I didn't know these things – the startup world was a huge and enormous opportunity and I was absolutely blind to it.


Since starting Jayride in 2012 people often ask me what was the best decision I made. The hands-down most-important best decision we made when starting the company was to move to a coworking space full of likeminded entrepreneurs, and it was in a coworking space where we learned everything we know today. We would not be a successful ASX-listed company today if not for coworking."