Are you a startup or young company in travel, tourism, hospitality, travel technology, aviation or related industry?
The post-COVID world is going to look very different. At TTIH we have a commitment to help any startup succeed. 

Some questions for you:

  • Where will work from? And meet people?

  • Do you have a Sydney address? Why not? We offer that at a discount for industry startups, contact us today. 

  • Could you be gaining more exposure? Does the wider industry know about you?

  • How are you planning to introduce yourself to key industry bodies, people and companies that can help you?

  • Who's doing your marketing? Your accounting? Your legal? Your website or system development? Do they understand the industry?

Our aim is to bring support and expertise to fledgling businesses in our region, wherever they're located, as well as offering work and meeting spaces around industry. If this sounds like you, read on below and register for more information.  


Startups can take all forms in our industries, from small tourism suppliers through to life-changing travel apps.  Whilst passion and a desire to put smiles on faces are in plentiful supply, running a business and making it successful requires expertise and advice that can be hard to track down. 

TTIH is launching an ecosystem for travel and tourism startups in Australia. We'll offer workshops, pitch nights, introductions to industry figures, discounted pricing from suppliers and links to investment and mentoring, whilst offering special terms for startups using our facilities as a permanent or even virtual office using our address. And it will be BS-free and harness the best support that the industry has to offer.  It's a fledgling programme - contact us to register interest below. 




Increased industry knowledge of you, your offerings and ideas, through media, startup pitch nights, scholarships and more. 



How does a fledgling business watching every dollar make meaningful contacts at an earlier stage? Stop hoping to meet people and make it happen through TTIH.  



We'll provide access to a variety of both industry and non-industry expertise and mentorship that's relevant to you. 



Unique industry and region-specific workshops and resources.



TTIH  will offer pitch nights to industry in a friendly environment to help you hone your products and presentation techniques. Prizes from partners will be on offer, as well as credit to use in our spaces.



Workspace is a major cost for a new business. We offer a Sydney address FOC, discounts on meeting and event spaces and if you're elsewhere in AU we'll try and link you to offices that have space to share. Your spare bedroom is not the answer.


"When we first started (ASX:JAY), I didn't even know what a startup was. I didn't know lean practice, I didn't know agile, I didn't know how to raise capital, how to value a company, how to build a team, how to retain them and motivate them and make them shareholders and empower them to do amazing things.


I didn't even know that I didn't know these things – the startup world was a huge and enormous opportunity and I was absolutely blind to it.


Since starting Jayride in 2012 people often ask me what was the best decision I made. The hands-down most-important best decision we made when starting the company was to move to a coworking space full of likeminded entrepreneurs, and it was in a coworking space where we learned everything we know today. We would not be a successful ASX-listed company today if not for coworking."