Here are the services we offer in our Sydney space. 

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A virtual office is perfect for any person or company needing a presence without leases or checking PO Boxes. We offer this in Sydney and at a partner location in Melbourne, with more to come. 

What's a virtual office, you ask?! It's all explained here.



Ditch the coffee shop or the isolation of the home office and work around friends, as little or often as suits your needs. 
We offer standard office joys such as printing and staplers, plus the use of quiet phone booths for calls, kitchen facilities, coffee, meeting spaces, nice people and more. View our pricing page for pricing. 



A bigger desk that is yours and yours alone, allowing you to store stuff and gain terrific exposure to industry just by coming to work.
Our desks are more affordable than any other coworking space, more spacious, bathed in daylight and you'll be making relevant contacts and learning new things. And have 24-hour access. What's not to love? View our pricing page​ for pricing. 




All the advantages of sharing with your industry, but with a private space to retreat to.  Your brand will be prominently displayed to countless industry visitors, massively increasing your exposure and connections. 

We have several options in sizing and capacity, and are looking to open further spaces in more locations based on demand - contact us to find out more.


Our space features three meeting rooms suitable for 6-16 people, as well as informal drop-in spaces (FOC). Our huge 45sqm conference/boardroom doubles as a flexible space for launches, training and more. 

Residents receive an allocation every month, and all members enjoy a discount on public pricing. To book, become a member here 

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As travel and tourism recovers, we offer affordable event space for a variety of needs. We have a 45sqm boardroom, and our stage area of 125sqm can fit anything from 1 to 100 with huge versatility. 

Alongside it is a kitchen that's fully functional with oven, fridges and more for your catered or self-catered event. We don't slug you for AV, PA or any other acronym. 
Read more here