Video Marketing Introduction

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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Wanting to bring our TTIH community something a bit different, fun and forward-thinking, we invited video marketing expert Amy Bingham from Itchy Feet Digital, to discuss how we can incorporate video into our marketing and business strategies. Now more than ever is a time to maintain relationships and communication with clients. Luckily, video is a powerful tool to stay connected and maintain face to face interaction. Here are some of Amy’s tips to help us use video to meet the demand for authentic and relatable marketing content.

Where do I start?

· Write a marketing strategy. Understand the purpose and key messages behind your content.

· Create a video strategy. It doesn’t have to be complex, wordy or detailed, but think about how the video will direct people through various stages of your messaging.

· There will be different videos at different stages of this funnel. For example, the top may consist of travel and inspirational content. Next you might provide destination-specific content or travel tips. The following step talks about your business: what your brand does, why it is better than others, and includes testimonials or behind the scenes from tours. The final step should encourage consumers to choose you and may include itineraries, talks from guides on the ground, awards won or innovations.

· Without this strategy, you won’t know where your video is leading.

· Does your idea fit within the plan?

For Beginners Experimenting with Video

· Again, question the purpose of your video, who is your audience, what are they after and why would they watch. Use this to help create your content.

· You can start by using your iPhone and you may want to add some tech such as a plug-in microphone or tripod.

· Think about framing, lighting and how to craft the perfect message.

· Start with a plan and some simple technology to give it the best chance of being watchable for your viewers.


· This depends on whether you have the patience and time to learn about video editing. If it is not worth it for you, there are professionals who can help.

· You don’t have to edit – you can use piece to camera using short, simple and

succinct messaging.

· If you want to move your video to the next level, you can think about graphics or additional footage.

· There are many easy-to-use programs such as iMovie on iPhones and Macs or Camtasia for PC.

· Watch tutorials on YouTube.

· Give yourself a project and edit as you go.

Itchy Feet Digital Offers

· Training for people who have the time, especially now, and want to learn all about video. This includes writing scripts, editing, shooting, presenting to camera, or all of the above.

· Video production.

· Setting you up on camera even in your own home.

For a more in-depth guide on how to use your iPhone to make the best-quality videos, including background, script and accessories for the phone, you can watch a webinar course from Amy on 15th April at ___. You can find more information and resources on video marketing at Amy’s website. To register for our upcoming Survive and Revive webinars, head to

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