The Travel Industry Pub

Last night we did something brilliant. And so easy.

Gathering people together, The Travel Industry Hub launched 'The Travel Industry Pub', an online drinks session aimed at people from travel, tourism, hospitality and wherever else that wanted to join and have a yarn. Guests that turned up included a freelance travel writer and people from wholesale, tourism marketing, sales, technology, tour companies, currency and more.

And it was terrific. We chatted about all manner of things, some of which even included the travel and tourism industries. It was certainly interesting to hear differing viewpoints on the current situation, the recovery, the prospects for the future. Some takeaways (that I remember)

- People are always going to want to be inspired by travel. Images, writing, it must continue.

- Salespeople are the lifeblood of the industry and without them nothing would happen (said by a salesperson)

- Asia already starting to show some activity in the touring sector.

We're holding this every week from hereon. Check out the Survive and Revive page for details.