The Startup: EaziTrip

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

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One of our goals at The Travel Industry Hub is to bridge the connection between start-ups and the tourism industry. That’s why Richard and tourism product strategist Michelle Lester-Smith talk to Bowie Chen, co-founder of startup, Eazitrip. They discuss the journey so far, the opportunities for the future, and how to gain exposure within the tourism industry. With one guest with a background in the industry, and the other with a background in the technology sphere, this session aims to highlight the importance of the tourism sector investing in innovation, especially during our current climate.


· Augmented reality app providing an interactive and informative experience for travellers in a new place.

· Travellers hold up the app and it shows information about the venues, restaurants, attractions etc. in real time and in your language.

· In a foreign country, travellers no longer need to struggle with language barriers and cultural differences.

· No need to use 4-5 different apps to complete a trip – forget about review, translation or map apps.

· This product is mainly marketed to Chinese travellers, and in China many apps are banned, meaning EaziTrip would prove invaluable for Chinese independent travellers. The app is also focused on international student and migrant markets.

· Capitalising on the trends of globalisation and experience, while utilising the potential of 5G.

· Over 10,000 venues in Australia and New Zealand and has the capability to supply internationally.

· Wanting to partner with great venues to support local businesses.

· Free to join Eazitrip. The startup has promotion channels on social media, through influencer networks, video channels, and their website. These are low cost options to drive traffic.

· Demand for travel inspiration through videos and influencers, especially in China. As certain sites are limited in China, Bowie wants to show the unique local venues and help tourists understand the authentic Australia through the app.

· Venues and attractions wanting to get onto the app – through APIs and the venue sign up page on the EaziTrip website.

EaziTrip and the Tourism Industry

· Think about who will be using the product – what type of operators, venues, travellers are you targeting? What restaurants, tour companies, attractions will you focus on?

· Make connections to build up the brand and personality of the product.

· State, regional and in-bound tour operators have a wealth of information.

· ITOs (In-bound Tour Operators) could be especially interested in the app because its targeted towards FIT travellers (Free Independent Travellers).

· Engage with industry organisations like ATEC, YTN or Tourism Australia and expand your networks.

· Keep on top of what companies are doing, piggyback off their messaging and utilise their contacts to share your product further.

· LinkedIn is effective in developing your network – seek out potential users of the product, and the suppliers you want to get on the app.

· Capitalise on opportunities now as there will be a huge demand for new ideas after the lockdown.

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