AFTA's Darren Rudd

Last month we restarted doing industry webinars, after a few weeks break that I needed. 'Clearing my headspace' is the trendy term. Since then we're partnered with Travel Daily and are bringing some brilliant content with Bruce's interviews that started with possibly the first we'd heard from new AFTA CEO, Darren Rudd. I enjoyed being a part of this, and it's not something I imagined ever being involved with. When I started these sessions back in March, they were purely about trying to do something positive for people. I feel that this is where my best abilities lie, but whilst they've been well received there is always a nagging doubt that the sessions put together are simply my opinion of what's needed at the time. Here, conversely, was a bang-on obvious introduction to one of the most important people in our industry, even in good times let alone bad.

I'm not just typing this to suck up, as that's not me at all, but I can say that Darren is a decent man both on and off camera. What a role he has taken on, with armies of travel agents desperately needing guidance and financial help. I feel as though AFTA are on a hiding to nothing with what they can provide, especially with their own incomes depleted so significantly. Truly this is difficult for us all, but after this session - attended live by more than 400 people - I felt more at ease. That certainly came through in the emails afterwards that I received from people.

The recording is here, if you missed it. Perhaps in years to come we can all look back at things like this in wonder of how everyone dealt with this utterly bizarre unfolding situation.