The Future Of Income Distribution

I met with the debonair Jorge Fernandez in early September, in what is my favourite of all the umpteen webinars we've put on since COVID began. Why? Because of it's huge relevance to so many people.

It's crystal clear by now that our industry will never be the same again, in so many varying ways. One of those is how we'll make our money, which needs fundamental change. Of the many, many points made, the greatest takeaway is that rebates, overrides and other terms that basically refer to kickbacks will be in short supply come the return of travel, and indeed may not return in the same format. This means that we must charge the customer, rather than endlessly talking about it as the industry has since.....I cannot remember. 12-15% is Jorge's recommendation.

I urge anyone who is connected with the industry to listen to Jorge, regardless of when you might stumble on this blog post.

Here's the recording -