Spencer Travel and TTIH

Thrilled to announce that Spencer Travel has joined forces with TTIH to offer desks, meeting rooms and more from their truly gorgeous offices near Sydney Airport at Mascot, NSW. Take a look!

Whilst almost everyone in the travel industry will know of Spencer Travel and particularly it's founder Penny Spencer, we're talking to a wider audience here that includes tourism, hospitality and the rest. In short, Spencer Travel one of the most decorated corporate travel agencies around, one with a track record of breaking new ground and being a great workplace. Any doubts on that front are immediately addressed on arrival, when clapping eyes on the countless awards lining the walls. On closer inspection these awards are not made up of 'Best Travel Agency 1989' or for being the top seller of an long-gone airline, either.

The kitchen area. Green Is Good.

It's important to state that you don't need a state-of-the-art office to offer coworking to our community. Our focus is on people. We're creating coworking spaces for industry people to work from, and welcome hearing from companies with space to share. Frankly if your office is full of great people working on desks you picked up in 1985, that's just fine. The idea is that a member can go to Sydney, Wellington, here at Spencer Travel in Mascot and future locations in AU/NZ and feel right at home around fantastic people, whilst learning and networking as well as bringing their own knowledge and experience to the party.

But....sometimes you have to flaunt what you've got, and we've hit the jackpot here. Not only is the office super-friendly and welcoming, but having been occupied less than a year it's also sparkling and new. It contains much new thinking on how a workplace should look and feel, with spaces within that are both flexible and functional.

Here's a shot from one angle of the kitchen/breakout. It's one of those environments that is perfect for a gathering or event, but equally great for a gossip over lunch. And that's exactly what happens here every single day.

And here's one from the bathroom.

This, I should add, is a shot taken in the ladies bathroom, by a lady I visited with, just to make that abundantly clear. It's more luxury hotel than conventional office, as you will have gathered. What's more, we didn't announce we were coming, meaning that it always looks like this. The office has four meeting rooms and a hugely impressive boardroom, and like many other offices it also contains desks, chairs and people. Travel industry people, which equals real smiles.

A view into the boardroom. Note the greenery both within and outside.

One of the question marks over moving to a new office is what size is correct for the business both now and into the future. In choosing this office Penny has opted for a location that allows for expansion, and this extra space allows us to offer this option to TTIH members. It's something that may suit people living in Southern Sydney wanting a professional space or to escape home, those travelling to or from Sydney Airport, someone passing through the area or indeed an overflow space for another company limited by its current office.

Fancy adjustable stand-up/sit down hotdesks

The options are almost endless, and this is why coworking is the future of office life. Coworking is also a great option if a recession should come along because it's more affordable than leasing, with fewer liabilities. Companies and people only for the space they are using, allowing them to expand or contract with fewer headaches in either situation. The vision of The Travel Industry Hub is one of our own spaces that are home to companies, individuals and startups in their own private offices or in affordable open-plan desks being part of an industry community. Those spaces will be complemented by offices like this one, within forward-thinking companies that see the value in allowing industry friends to share their resources, bringing life and different outlooks to their own internal environment. Welcome, Spencer Travel!

Richard and Penny in the Mascot office. You need to see it.