Our Space And Vision

Finally. Our first space is nearing completion, and an official opening date set for the 28th January here in Sydney. During the Christmas season when many are relaxing with family, we'll be painting, sanding and arguing about the final position of the lockers / printer paper / everything.

The start of a new decade is a perfect time to launch a new way of working. More than simply a workspace, we're creating a genuine hub for travel and tourism people.

It will suit a number of types of person, from those currently working in a home office needing more interaction with real people and their industry through to small teams, corporate employees, sales reps working from coffee shops, those simply needing a professional address, startups and more. The floorplan below shows the layout of the space, minus some greenery and other finishing touches. To the left is reception and six private office spaces (now selling!), leading around to 'dedicated' - aka permanent - desks, hot desks and then to a 145sqm flexible open area with stage for events, larger workshops and industry gatherings. In the centre is a large and versatile 45sqm conference / training / boardroom, along with two meeting rooms and a shared printer area. Incidentally the conference room has already been designated as the main board meeting location for three industry bodies, even ahead of launch. Make a note of this bookable and highly affordable space for your next meeting, launch or product update. No more bland hotel rooms or sneaky additional costs for overpriced AV equipment.

And now for some real photos. The reception desk. It may not be exciting to you, but it certainly is to us because we've constructed it with our bare hands. It has taken far too long, and is still has some final touches to add.

This will have an iPad greeting system that allows visitors to notify you as they arrive. Amazing. The television will feature our members and their businesses.

Below are some (very) unfinished desks. These will have dividers between individual desks, and also high frosted glass between 'pods' to increase privacy. We rejected tightly packed, open plan desking favoured by regular coworking spaces long ago, because we're for one industry and while it's great to be alongside likeminded people, the focus must also be on getting work done. Focus whilst you're working, engage and network when you're not.

It's a desk! Ideal for working and other activities, and bathed in (optional) daylight without harsh sun. Still to add - dividers, glass, frosting, happy people.

Rather than pack coworkers in at a high density, our space is built to feel more spacious. Indeed we offer more than 25% more space your average coworking space, at significantly less cost. You can work here from $25/day. How is that? It's the choice of building and why selecting the right location has taken so long. We're within 4 mins / 300m of North Sydney station and next to everything you'd need, but in an older and affordable building. During our research the word 'affordable' was the one consistent request for an industry that, let's be frank, is often not a rich one. In the evenings, a transformation can take place. A sliding door can block off the workspace from the open area, which is fitted with a stage (and powder room!) for evening launches, workshops and other industry events. Here's an impression of how that will operate, with real photos to come soon.

Note, the real chairs won't be red, as they'd clash. Apologies to red chair fans.

Person speaks on stage, interested people listen. Except for the guy reading, added by our designer for reasons unknown.

To the rear on the right are our phone booths. Small, private spaces with some soundproofing which will be perfect for making awkward calls.

The kitchen, tailored for events with an oven and additional fridge space (thanks for the advice, people) and the breakout area will complete the space.

There's an opportunity to become something that simply doesn't exist today - a clubhouse for travel and tourism people and a welcoming home from home, both for both regulars and the first time visitor flying in from elsewhere. It is built on the fundamental belief that working alongside friends and meaningful contacts is the future, as the world hurtles towards more flexible work situations. A place where what you do, and who you are, matters. Our membership system is now live (in beta mode). It's free to join, and will allow access to book work, meeting and event spaces, attend our workshops and events (see here for a flavour of what's coming), access benefits we're working on, and more.

Your Space. Your Community. Your Way.

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