Professional Photos!

Another milestone. On 8th February we had a professional photographer come into the space to take alluring shots that we could use on our website. At that time there was some tactical moving of junk to create some clear angles for him, but those days are gone and this does actually represent the space now. A big thanks to our models for the day, or 'the talent' as they were referred to on the day - Kevin Lu of Rezdy and Andrea Plawutzky of Amplify Me helped us, and then actually connected and chatted long after the cameras were gone. Which is what we're all about!

1. Reception. Where it all begins.

2. On entry, our boardroom/training room is to the left. It's 45sqm and the size doesn't come across here...that's for the next round of photos.

3. Private Offices The space contains five private offices of varying sizes. They're perfect for groups of friends, remote teams or small companies. The benefit of coworking spaces is that your visitors or additional staff members can also work onsite, if you expand from your office. This isn's the case with a lease. This example is blandly decked out. We've since added greenery on the walls and drawers to the desks. The offices will be flexible in that users can choose the configuration and even BYO furniture if required, unlike other, less flexible workspaces.

4. Walkway. After entering reception and seeing the private offices, you can walk around past our desk areas. On the right are several 'dedicated' desks designed to be permanent homes for people. They provide far greater privacy than regular workspaces, with large dividers between each desks and screening on the outside so that passers-by aren't viewing your screen.

5. Through to Event Area. A doorway, closeable for events, can separate the working areas from our huge stage and event area. See next blog post for pictures of the wider area.

6. Kitchen and breakout. Designed with a cafe feel in mind, the kitchen also doubles as an event kitchen. We have a commercial oven, ice machines, two additional fridges, oversize benchtops and the breakout tables can form together to be serving bars for drinks and food during events.

Out of shot is a secondary TV to allow small, daytime presentations and workshop sessions for industry people.

7. Another kitchen shot. This time with volunteers Laura, Meyra and Nikki from The Visa Machine. Meyra looks on and pretends to be interested in what I'm saying, which is not usually the case.

7. Breakout. We can add more tables later on to this flexible space. Laura walks by our wall artwork by Bill, who is highly affordable and recommended for the care and multiple visits he put into this and our boardroom map of the world.

8. Meeting Room 1.

Err, it's a meeting room, not a lot else to say here but it will surely host lots of important meetings with important people. This one has six chairs that cater to the important executive visiting town. Remember, you don't need to be a resident to use and book our rooms - they are really affordable and open to all.

And that was it, at the time, for areas we could have photographed. Still to come - the event space, the quiet phone booths, the change room and more, which are now ready but were too late for the photoshoot :)