Our Event Space

It's time to talk about our event space. Throughout our journey to get here, we wanted to provide many things that don't exist today. One of these is a highly affordable event space that's tailored to the needs of our industry. And here that is:

It's a deceptively large area, and on the day this photo was taken we had set chairs across to see how wide we could go. This is 15 chairs wide and we think six to eight rows are easily possible.

Here's a view from the stage to appreciate how far away that first row of chairs are. These can all be removed for cocktails, round-table formats and more.

Why a stage in an office? Well, we want to open the space to industry events, and also hold events of our own. After all, where better to launch a product or provide an update than at what we hope can become a centrepoint for industry people?

The entire space can be hired in the evenings, and companies will have everything they need. The kitchen has

- a commercial oven

- glassware

- serving implements

- breakout tables that form to become serving tables

- ice machine

- two additional bar fridges

- two dishwashers

The end result means that you can cater professionally with happy and unconstricted caterers, or - and we think this will be popular - self-cater. This is a great option if it's a smaller event or budgets are constricted. We'll charge a flat price for everything, with no additions for AV, PA system or any other such nonsense. And no per-head minimum spend either. A sliding door shuts the event off from the work areas, but the whole point of our space is that it's also a place of learning. Perhaps our members might be interested in attending your event and learning about your product. This is optional for anyone hiring, but we see great benefits in exposure of your company to industry people.

On top of this, we also plan events and workshops of our own. On 26th Feb we're having our first, a panel discussion on the Australian tourism industry bouncing back from several recent blows. We're truly blessed with the lineup, but we're also looking at offering free or close-to-free workshops for both travel and tourism and also around business issues that affect all of us. Check out our Events page for more details, with more to be added shortly. It's an intimate space. We envision our events to have people sat all over, including in the kitchen and some out of picture at desks on the left of these shots.

Here's a daytime view of the stage, taken from the walkway alongside the workspaces. By a real photographer.

This event area needs to work hard to become a success, and we believe we offer something truly unique and really affordable in Sydney, with industry guests on tap to add to your numbers. The kind of place people learn to speak to audiences in a warm and friendly environment, around industry friends and contacts.

You really should drop in to appreciate things fully. Book a tour here.