Opening The Doors

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

***This post contains a few amateur shots taken on a phone, before the professionals come in next week and before 'The Big Clean'.***

The period of chatting about this project with hundreds of travel and tourism industry people was the fun part. Turn up to an event, mingle around people asking how they work, where they work, how and where they'd like to work, what kind of amenities they'd want and at what price point....that was great. There were so many positive comments, and we quickly knew we had an opportunity to create something truly amazing.

Then the next stage. Finding and then fitting out an office - on a startup budget - has at times been unimaginably difficult, and - a quick plug here - the reason why you should never do this, and instead go straight to a coworking space where someone has been through this hell on your behalf. You simply turn up and do what you're good at.

The project is over time, over budget and everything aches as we've done it ourselves with the (huge) help of a carpenter and family members.

But now, at last, another chapter dawns with the opening of The Travel Industry Hub. This week we've quietly welcomed a few folks for tours, had a team using an office for a week as part of a project and also hosted a conference room meeting. Thanks to Best Western and Keith Prowse Travel who have been early adopters of the space.

Some shelving and greenery needs to be added, but the offices are about completed. They'll be flexible to whatever people need, rather than be kept uniform and full of identikit desks. For example, this space comfortably fits five people but someone might prefer fewer, or indeed to BYO furniture to create their own environment.

In this picture you can see our smallest office, for up to three people but pictured here with one desk for someone who's clearly very important.

Here's a desk, with a dusty monitor grabbed for an unsuspecting photo opp. Paragraphs about desks are probably not going to hold the attention of many people, so let's SHOUT ABOUT THE KEY MESSAGES and add bolding, which are that these are dedicated desks that can be someone's permanent home, and feature drawer storage. There will be dividers and pinboards added this week.

There is more real estate and extra privacy compared to regular coworking spaces - each pod of four desks is separated by frosted glass from other areas, and the slats mean passers-by don't see your screen.

And that is probably enough talk. The stage area and kitchen aren't ready to have their photos appear here yet, but will be coming this week and, if you're impatient, come for a tour! It's easy to book a visit and you'll go into the draw for a prize, as soon as we have a prize to give away. This will come when it dawns on an industry supplier that TTIH will be a great place to promote themselves. We also need mugs. Send mugs please. Those branded ones you have in the cupboard.

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