Open Letter to Travel Suppliers

Published on LinkedIn, Tuesday 5th May 2020.

Last week I spoke with Cheryl Venegas Vargas on the subject of Keeping Consultants Skilled, as part of our Survive & Revive sessions we’re having on various industry topics. We were joined by Managing Director of Airline Rep Services, Roheena Gidwani.

Cheryl is a very – and I mean very - experienced corporate travel consultant. She’s worked across a number of companies and has a thorough understanding of the complexities of the role.

A professional, in other words.

She left her company in February in anticipation of starting her next role. Interview done, start date organised, everything was looking rosy and it was time for a couple of carefree weeks off that we all crave. Or once craved.

You won’t need to guess the rest. Cheryl has no idea when she’ll be booking again.

And that poses a problem, for now that Cheryl has time to spend upskilling herself and keeping updated with products, she finds herself without access to the training materials that she did whilst employed.

Many suppliers only provide training access at a company level, rather than to the individual. When consultants are no longer working for a company, how will they access this?

In normal times this makes complete sense, but these are not normal times and, unfortunately, Cheryl isn’t going to be the only person in this position. How will they keep their skills and knowledge up to date?

Having spoken to several companies in the last couple of weeks, approximately 100% have answered “Oh! That’s a great question!” when asked about their plans to reach unattached consultants in the coming months.

That’s fine. Everyone that’s currently working is up to their eyeballs. What Cheryl simply asks is for companies to give some long-range thoughts to opening up access to people like her, of which there may be many.

We’re helping Cheryl by creating a webpage for suppliers to list themselves, that will cover simple things like the company website, how training can be accessed, webinar details and more.

Cheryl’s going to organise the information so that, when this all ends, she and anyone like her with similar aspirations will have everything they need to be product experts and hit the ground sprinting.

They will need to.

If your company has product material worth sharing, contact us here