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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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In her second LinkedIn special, recruitment expert Melissa Schembri focuses on personal branding and how to effectively use the tools on LinkedIn to enhance your presence in the industry. Making quality connections and knowing how you want to be perceived in the industry is so important when crafting your online profile. We’ve put together Melissa’s main tricks and tips for selling your personal brand to potential recruiters.

How to Build Audience

· Think about who you want to connect with – it should be people who you want to do business with.

· You can use other people’s first and second connections to build your network faster. This can add credibility to your profile – the more people you can connect with in the same portfolio the better.

· Join groups. You can join the groups that your connections are in. There are many travel and tourism boards and you can eventually connect with people within these groups too.

· The frequency of your communication should be around 3 times per week. Remember to change it up with things like, what you’re doing this week, your personal story and cross promotional content. Communication doesn’t always have to come from you, you can forward posts from your company or other articles that are relevant to your audience.

· Build trust and honesty and convey your passion to your network. Don’t use template messages, take time to really connect with these people. By doing so, you can eventually take these connections offline and into the real world.

· Show an interest in your connection’s activities. Post a comment or words of encouragement on others’ posts. Your target audience will notice and remember and after a while you can reach out and send a message. Comments bring credibility to a post, so by commenting you are involving yourself and solidifying your network.

· The more you interact with your network the better. This way you can go to your network for assistance and this is where you start to utilise LinkedIn as a tool for your business or job.


· Start promoting what you do.

· Melissa gives the example of travel agents pushing through a current promotion on their LinkedIn, or BDM’s documenting their work on LinkedIn.

· We’re lucky the travel and tourism industry gives us great content to push and talk about – so let’s use it!

· Once you’re connecting with people, ask them for coffee or invite them to your office – aim to meet face to face. Melissa advises that LinkedIn cannot recruit or sell a product, people still need to do that.


· This acts as an online reference check.

· You can ask people in your network to recommend you, but only ask if you have a close relationship and if they’ll make the effort.

· Write a personalised message when asking connections for recommendations.

· Remember, the reference is only as good as the person who gives it.

· LinkedIn provides the profile of the person who writes the recommendation for recruiters to contact.

· You approve the recommendation before publishing.

· You can also select to give a recommendation.

· Recommendations are important to endorse your business or brand, and helps you come across as credible and professional.

The next session with Melissa will move on to using your connections in order to utilise LinkedIn for business and sales. To register for the final LinkedIn special and to keep up to date with our other Survive and Revive webinars, follow the link below.

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