Keeping Travel Consultants Skilled

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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The current shutdown has left many travel consultants displaced, without access to training facilities and unfortunately, without the suitable platforms to maintain connections within the industry. Luckily, Cheryl Vargas Venegas is a voice for travel agents finding themselves displaced, as she too, a corporate travel consultant, is awaiting the start of her a role which has been pushed out due to the lockdown. She joins Richard in this Survive and Revive session to discuss her project initiative aimed at assisting travel agents remain upskilled and prepared for when the industry is up and running again. They are joined by Roheena Gidwani, Managing Director ANZ for Airline Rep Services, to find out what her company can offer agents right now.

The Issue

· Agents working within the industry have a lot of training readily available and free of charge. What happens once this access to training is deactivated due to leaving a previous role?

· Many people who are not attached to or affiliated to an agency have no access to training facilities.

· Given that many agencies have closed, we will rely more on each other during the comeback, and we will need the strength in knowledge to ensure the industry as a whole can find its feet.

· Developing our skills serves to keep our minds active and connected with colleagues during this time.

Roheena's Advice

· Companies like Airline Rep Services want to empower agents to sell their product. It doesn’t matter what type of agent, as long as they have a solid understanding of what they’re selling.

· The company can provide email addresses, information, webinar links etc. to help agents keep upskilled.

· Tourism boards will also be happy to help.

· This is the best time for BDMs working from home to contact agents and maintain these connections for the comeback.

· On a personal level, Roheena advises to utilise LinkedIn to get your message and brand recognised, and to network.

· Find a mentor in the industry, such as an ex-boss or ex-colleague, who can help you through their current company, to access training programs.

· Utilise Travel Daily’s six month free newsletter!

The Solution

· One, central platform where companies and suppliers can voluntarily publish information for travel agents.

· This information can include virtual tours of a product, links to their products, adverts on publications, destination trainings, access to GDS and much more.

· This platform will be a page on The Travel Industry Hub’s website, where all members of the travel industry can turn to, to either post information, or upskill themselves using this information.

· It is about getting information out there, and not putting a price tag on learning. This way, the travel industry will come out as a strong community, prepared for the future of travel.

To keep updated on Cheryl’s project, become a member with The Travel Industry Hub through the following link You can find Cheryl and Roheena’s contact information via our webpage. To follow our upcoming Survive and Revive sessions click the link below.