New to coworking? Don't worry. So is just about everybody else. Coworking is a young industry, but one that is making enormous strides. From individuals to startups to small teams and even large corporates, many are now choosing coworking as their workplace of choice. Taking Sydney as an example, there are now over 60 spaces to choose from. We are at the beginning of a new era of working.

Fundamentally, a coworking space is an office that you or your company can rent a desk or space in, paying only for what you're using. Why is that good? Well, that depends on your situation. You might be working at home wanting a little more interaction with real people, or perhaps running a business from home that now needs to hire folks and move to that next level. Maybe you're recruiting someone in another state or country and want to offer them an office space to work from, or you've run out of space in your current office and need to house extra people. Or you simply want to avoid leases, overheads, maintenance and many other headaches of running an office and simply focus on going to work....and just....working.

Your home desk, yesterday

The list of possible scenarios is enormous, but the end result for everyone choosing coworking is the need for a short or possibly long-term working environment that can be exited quickly and without fuss if circumstances change.

There are thousands of coworking spaces now available globally, and many are stunning examples of what a modern office can be. 'The Office Space', in Sydney, won the world’s best-designed workplace at the prestigious 2016 World Architecture Festival. We also recommend a visit to any of Hub Australia's spaces that have appeared in major cities, or to more personal, family owned spaces such as Your Desk in Sydney or The Thrive Network in Melbourne. Whilst these spaces offer wonderful working environments, they can be expensive at the top end and offer little in the way of furthering you and your company's exposure, knowledge and contacts.

The Travel Industry Hub offers a variant of coworking that is tailored to our industries of travel, tourism, hospitality, aviation, travel technology and the myriad of people working alongside them. We provide work and meeting spaces alongside people that will mean something to you. All are welcome. If you ever come to our city - with more cities on the radar - and need an address, workspace or somewhere to drop into for Friday drinks amongst friends, it is soon to arrive.