Preparing For Your Next Role: Your Personal Brand

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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Posted by Jessica Nutt

As a recruitment leader, Melissa is an expert when it comes to preparing the perfect resume that will sell yourself to potential employers.

When Melissa contacted us with the idea of running sessions in our space, to tackle the job losses that were coming through at that time, we readily agreed that this kind of thing is exactly what The Travel Industry Hub should be there for.

As the days passed, things became increasingly more serious and we spoke again. Why not bring these online?

And that's how these Survive and Revive sessions were born, to offer expertise to the travel and tourism community.

In her first Industry Survive and Revive Session, Melissa walked us through how to write an attractive resume, and also gave us pointers on how to network ourselves even while we’re self-isolated. Here are the main takeaways from today’s video.

Keep it simple

· Use your intuition and think about what the employer is looking for when reading your resume. This means no photos, no graphics, no text boxes – basically, don’t make it hard to read.

· Contact information should be right at the top, and it should include your mobile, email address, home address and your LinkedIn.

Sell Yourself

· Your career summary should include the current company you work for, and a great tip is to give a few secrets away about yourself, just enough to encourage the employer to continue reading.

· The main content of the resume should be concise. List your most recent jobs at the top. This is where you highlight your achievements and in doing so, tell the employer why they should hire you. These achievements must be tangible and unique selling points – use phrases like I influenced, I created, I launched, instead of vague phrases such as team player, hard working or detail-orientated. Melissa reminds us that we work in travel, we are passionate and understand that people sell people – so remember to show your personality.

· Include your technical skills which are the systems you are confident using. This can range from GDS to Microsoft Office, marketing tools or social media platforms.

Online Presence

· The job seeking landscape is going to change and to prepare for this, creating an online presence is imperative.

· Melissa advises that a LinkedIn profile is the best means of contacting future employers, getting involved with your industry and even connecting to people you already know.

· We can think of this is as being at the forefront when businesses are ready to recruit again. This can also be a tool for employers who are looking for ways to support the staff they’ve had to let go recently. LinkedIn is an ideal platform to provide personal recommendations or connect them with your own network.

Seeing as LinkedIn is potentially one of the best ways we can connect and network with potential employers and industries during this time, Melissa will lead other sessions solely dedicated to creating a professional LinkedIn profile at both a Basic and an Advanced level.

Just another reason to keep up to date with our informative Survive and Revive series. To register or express your interest for the upcoming sessions click the following link:

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