Finding Resilience In The Face of Redundancy

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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Tough times, currently. Whether it's the bottom of a long, giant, shitty curve is anyone's guess, but with redundancies and 'stand downs' into the tens of thousands, we wanted to offer some positive techniques to help people.

With years years of experience in the travel industry, Vara Glover’s inquisitive mind and her desire to understand why some of us cope better than others under pressure saw her move to the field of psychotherapy and hypnosis. She now consults for some of the biggest names in the industry, whilst also assisting individuals at her practice.

It's why we believe she is uniquely positioned to offer help in the circumstances the industry finds itself in.

In this session Vara shared some terrific strategies that we can all implement into our own worlds. Specifically, she discussed how we can tap into our inner resilience to find resilience in the face of redundancy. Here is a summary of some of the key strategies we can start to use:

How the Mind Works

- Understanding the two different parts of the mind that control thought is significant when controlling our levels of stress and anxiety. The frontal lobe, our logical mind, may create thoughts that may not be useful to us, thoughts that can spiral and make us feel overwhelmed. Right now, it might be something like; “but” how will I tell my family I lost my job, “what if” people judge me, “what if” I can’t find another job...and the list goes on. To stop this downward spiral, we need to learn how to recognise these thoughts from a critical perspective and silence these thoughts.

- This is where the limbic system, the emotional part of the mind, can come in handy. Emotion will always override logic, and to silence thoughts that do not serve us well, we need to strengthen pathways of thought that do.

- Some helpful practices may be hypnosis, meditation, music, reading or other ways of distracting the mind or tapping into/acknowledging different perspectives

- It's all about catching these thoughts, before when/if they begin to spiral!

68 Second Rule

- This is a mental trick for when we catch a thought – we can rewire our mind within 68 seconds.

- Instead of letting a negative thought or experience fester and negatively affect the rest of our day, catch the thought, accept what it is, and switch it by looking at things with a different perspective.

Mind Rehearsal Technique

- This is simply thinking about what your goal is and write down your new story. The more detail the better.

- Your new story might start with something along to lines of …just before I close my eyes to go to sleep I feel proud/ happy because I did it…I (start your new story here.) Your mind will automatically trigger internal wiring from past experiences or memories starting the creation of a “new way” in which you see yourself every time you read/mind rehearse your new story.· This is simply thinking about what your goal is and write down your new story. The more detail the better.

Become a critical thinker

Do we control our thoughts, or do our thoughts control us? The truth is...we control our thoughts!

- Firstly, we need to recognise that we can’t change external influences, all we can change is our internal state of mind and the way we respond.

- Remember, we are far more than our jobs, more than our salary, more than the title on our business cards.

- There is always a before, during and after, and everything has a time and a place. This concept may help us reframe the way we look at certain situations.

Where do we go from here?

- Everyone is different. Some of us are happy to talk to friends and family, which is important to gain some different perspectives and ideas.

- This time might be more difficult for some than others, potentially triggering anxiety or depression. So, if we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable with this uncertainty, and we can’t catch our negative thoughts and can’t stop the spiral ourselves, this is a time to seek professional help. Vara is offering confidential on-line sessions for those who are interested.


The above is a merely a summary of what Vara touched on. To find out more take a listen to the webinar, where Vara also details how she can personally help you.

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