CATO Discussion Paper

On 26th August it was the turn of CATO (Council of Australian Tour Operators) to be interviewed by Bruce, with me chucking in listener questions. Of which there were many. What a session this was. CATO released their discussion paper for the future of the industry, something quite polarising for many people. Whatever the arguments, Dennis is a compelling guest. He is used to the camera, being a YouTube star with about 10 gazillion and all , but regardless of this his ability to answer a torrent of differing questions was something to behold. The man cares incredibly deeply for the wellbeing of the industry, and this is evident in pretty much every sentence the man speaks. Following the session we received more emails than for any other, pretty much all of them hugely supportive. In fact I am not certain there were any negative ones at all. How could there be, when it's simply a discussion paper aimed at getting the industry talking?

And where does that talking happen? I have no idea, but I'm happy we were able to bring people some of the thinking behind these organisations that we wouldn't otherwise have access to. With Bruce Piper's involvement there was an added sense that this session was something meaningful and productive. Let's hope so.

Here's the recording -