Ask Me Anything - with Bruce Piper

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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What better way to discuss the unprecedented times for the tourism industry, than a live webinar with Bruce Piper, publisher of the B2B travel trade publications Travel Daily, Cruise Weekly, travelBulletin and Business Events News. Richard and Bruce talk about the impacts of the crisis, what it’s like publishing under lockdown and opportunities to keep the industry going through these times.


· Within a couple of weeks, Bruce had to make two staff members redundant and put his whole team on annual leave.

· With revenue decreasing to about 5%, the JobKeeper scheme made a huge difference to paying wages and budgeting for the future.

· During those tough, initial weeks, Bruce decided that he wanted to keep the industry informed. Instead of cutting back, he worked harder, creating puzzle pages and Keep Dreaming, a spin off from Cruise Weekly, to keep things fun and interesting for his readers.

· He suggests taking it day by day and working hard until there is a recovery.

Publishing Under Lockdown

· His publications have always aimed to report quality news while building the industry’s image.

· Bruce discusses the difference between consumer and trade media. Given the industry’s bad run in consumer media recently, it’s important for his publications to have a balanced and positive voice.

· For his trade-focused publications, the key is to understand and become a part of the audience. Their work is not about looking for clicks or exposure at any cost.

· Travel Daily is a news publication providing readers with daily breaking news without an agenda.

· Travel Daily is currently free for 6 months.

· The travelBulletin provides monthly opinion pieces with an edge.

· The publications intend to advocate the industry.


· is a cost-effective channel for training and marketing packages.

· For suppliers in the industry, there are opportunities for cross-pollination by promoting products on the B2B trade and consumer publications.

· Travel Daily launched a podcast, News on the Fly, which is a weekly run through of the headlines.

· According to Bruce, travel agents will see opportunities to communicate their value on high-end domestic shorter breaks. This will also be the case for post-COVID travel, by showcasing the value of agents in organising itineraries, bringing people to places they wouldn’t venture to on their own, and even ensuring customer safety along the whole journey.

· Bruce hopes that out of the recovery, suppliers will recognise the value agents can bring to the table.

· Bruce also thinks trends for future travel might include soft expedition, river cruises and small group coach touring. But he advises it’s up to the industry to educate consumers on the value of these trips; to ensure they understand the value for money and how these products are different from what consumers expect.

· If agents want to make a contribution to Travel Daily - a story, poem, photos, tips, or even your own product, send them to

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