'Virtual Mail' or a 'Virtual Address' is a simple service that allows you to have a professional address at a location, without a lease or the headaches of checking PO Boxes. You might never even visit that location, as your mail is handled for you.


We currently offer this in Sydney or Melbourne. There are two options - one for simple use of our address, the other to include some mail handling. We also and the system can also offer landline phone numbers that you can divert anywhere.

When mail arrives, you'll receive a notification via email and be asked whether you'd like us to:

- Store it for collection

- Forward it

- Shred and recycle it

- Open, scan and email it to you

Where better to say you're based than The Travel Industry Hub? We're more affordable that other locations, you can add your logo on our wall, and also book work or meeting space when in town. 

Signing up is easy, and you can choose a unique suite number at our address (for Google My Business and other applications requiring a unique address). If you are a travel or tourism related business, please use discount code MAIL2020 for a 25% discount (applicable at the payment screen). And please contact us if you're interested in Melbourne or indeed another location.