Coworking, or working around others in a shared environment, is exploding globally and it's estimated that more than 20% office space will become 'flexible workspace' in the coming years. A coworking space opens somewhere in the world every 6 hours. 

What is a flexible workspace? Offerings vary greatly, but fundamentally they are offices that provide the short-term leasing of desks or private offices in an environment where other resources, such as meeting rooms and kitchens, are shared. Individuals and companies utilise these to escape the home office, to avoid long-term leasing commitments, to hold meetings, hold a professional address or a variety of other uses. 

There's nothing new here, no reinventing of the wheel. Companies and people have been sharing spaces since forever, but the concept of coworking or flexible spaces providing more than just desks and chairs has experienced mind-boggling growth in recent years. 


Coworking spaces differ from more traditional serviced offices with a focus on a warm and welcoming environment where learning and collaboration happens, friends can be made and happiness goes upwards. In fact, 89% of people using coworking spaces report being happier for it.

It’s good news for companies too. Coworking is a very cost-effective alternative to taking on long-term leases and other liabilities, especially when a presence is needed in a new city or when future staffing requirements are uncertain. There are no headaches of leases, insurance, maintenance and utilities, and less liabilities on your balance sheet. 

It’s because of these factors - and many more - that coworking continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Pre-COVID Sydney alone had more than 100 spaces with another opening every 23 days, in Melbourne it was 20 days and Australia & New Zealand rank in the top 6 of countries of coworking growth. 

We’re doing something different. Coworking in its purest form began as an alternative working environment, with an aim of bringing people together within their community. And as it becomes more popular on a global scale, we believe that the fields of travel, tourism, hospitality, aviation and others would be better served around being around each other, where meaningful connections, contacts and friends can be made.

Our spaces will be affordable and provide professional work and meeting places, full of opportunity where relevant contacts can be made every day. Together we can create a truly unique community with useful events and learning opportunities relevant to us, along with social and networking gatherings, member benefits and support for startup companies making their way in a confusing world. 

You're invited to join us. It's free to become a Community Member. 

You may be a home or remote worker wanting less isolation and more interaction with people from your industry, or a startup business that would benefit from working around industry knowledge and exposure. Perhaps you need to hold a board meeting, training session or product launch in a professional, affordable space without additional costs for AV and other such nonsense. You may work for an interstate or overseas company and would benefit from networking with industry peers. Or you may simply need a Sydney address, with your mail handled for you.

Whatever your situation, we have offerings for you in a place where who you are, and what you do, matter.  

Join us now!



"When we first started (ASX:JAY), I didn't even know what a startup was. I didn't know lean practice, I didn't know agile, I didn't know how to raise capital, how to value a company, how to build a team, how to retain them and motivate them and make them shareholders and empower them to do amazing things.


I didn't even know that I didn't know these things – the startup world was a huge and enormous opportunity and I was absolutely blind to it.


Since starting Jayride in 2012 people often ask me what was the best decision I made. The hands-down most-important best decision we made when starting the company was to move to a coworking space full of likeminded entrepreneurs, and it was in a coworking space where we learned everything we know today. We would not be a successful ASX-listed company today if not for coworking."


The Travel Industry Hub is a flexible coworking space for travel and tourism professionals in Sydney, Australia. With coworking desks, meeting room hire, event and training spaces and private offices, The Travel Industry Hub has a solution for a business of any size.

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